Researchers РGroup Klemradt

Using the telephone directory

Phone numbers given in this list are internal direct dials to the respective office. If you call from outside the RWTH, please use the prefix 80-, i.e. +49 0241 80-(direct dial). Not all direct dials can be called directly from outside the RWTH.

Foto Boehnke
Boehnke, Christoph, M.Sc.
PhD student
boehnke (at)
Office: 28 B 303
Phone: -20326
Foto Gisch
Gisch, Ismael, B.Sc.
Master student
ismael.gisch (at)
Office: 28 B 303
Phone: -20326
Foto Klemradt
Klemradt, Uwe, Prof. Dr.

klemradt (at)
Office: 28 C 302
Phone: -27085
Foto Kuhn
Kuhn, Anton, M.Sc.
PhD student
anton.kuhn (at)
Office: 28 B 304
Phone: -27078