Our research is focused on the investigation of low dimensional electron systems on the atomic scale. Our primary sample systems are graphene, topological insulators, semiconductors and magnetic nano-structures. Recent results include the real space imaging of quantum Hall transitions, the first experimental evidence for topologically protected edge states in weak topological insulators, and the mechanical manipulation of nm-size drums made of graphene.

Additionally, we are developing novel research tools as , e.g., time resolved scanning tunneling microscopy with 100 ps resolution, scanning probes compatible with electron microscopes, and in-situ electronics for the read-out of scanning probe signals in μm distance from the tip.

Graphene Flagship

The Graphene Flagship is the EU’s biggest ever research initiative with an anticipated budget of €1 billion.


Our instrumentation
We are equipped with 5 high-precision scanning tunneling microscopes and a low temperature transport measurement cryostat.