Our group currently operates five ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopes (UHV-STMs ) including a combined atomic force/scanning tunneling microscope, and a transport measurement setup for measuring electrical conductivities at 280mK and 10T. Two STM systems operate at low temperatures (5K and 380mK). Two additional low-temperature STM systems (400mK, 800mK ) are under construction. For further information about the systems please click on the fields below.

Low-Temperature AFM/STM System (380mK/14T)
Low-Temperature High Frequency STM System (6K/7T max/500mT rotatable/200ps)
Low-Temperature JT-STM System (500mK/3T/300ps)
Low-Temperature STM System (under construction, 800mK)
Room Temperature STM 1
Room Temperature STM 2
High Frequency VT-STM System (90-400K/120ps)
System for Transport Measurements (280mK/10T)
X-Ray Photo Electron Spectroscopy System