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The focus of our activities is the investigation of structures, fluctuations and dynamics in functional materials and nanomaterials. Experimentally, we use various X-ray scattering techniques, such as diffraction, reflectometry and small-angle scattering, as well as the method of acoustic emission spectroscopy.



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  Design of an acoustic emission spectroscopy experiment Copyright: © Institut2b Experimental setup for temperature-dependent acoustic emission spectroscopy measurements

The aim of our research is, among other things, a detailed understanding of the temporal dynamics of ferroelastic, martensitic and ferroelectric phase transitions. Acoustic emission spectroscopy allows to register smallest structural changes with high temporal resolution. The focus of our measurements is on the detection of avalanche dynamics, scale invariant universality and precursor effects of phase transformations.

Data analysis also uses modern and fast evaluation methods, such as artificial neural networks, which can be applied across systems.

  X-ray diffraction system Copyright: © Institut2b X-ray diffraction system

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