Room Temperature STM with Plasma Source

  UHV chambers of the room temperature STM systems Copyright: © Marco Pratzer Compact UHV-system with room temperature STM

Our compact room temperature UHV system is equipped with a modified and optimized OMICRON AFM/STM (see figure below). It allows scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy with high stability. In addition, a new tip shuttle system was implemented. The UHV system is equipped with a 3-fold mini evaporator, a sputtering system, a LEED/Auger unit, and a high temperature heater (2600 K).

  UHV STM on an eddy current damping stage Copyright: © Marco Pratzer Modified OMICRON AFM/STM on an eddy current damping stage

An additional chamber was designed for sample preparation at elevated gas pressures. It is equipped with another sample heater and a magnesium evaporator. The heart of the preparation chamber is a plasma source with an upstream Wien filter, with which argon ions are accelerated onto samples with a defined energy in the range of 20eV-1500eV. This is used to prepare e.g. monoatomic defects in graphene.