STM Development

  Homebuilt scanning tunneling microscope Copyright: © Marco Pratzer Home built scanning tunneling microscopes. Left: Low temperature ultra high vacuum AFM/STM with Q-Plus sensor. Right: Low temperature high frequency STM designed for UHV and high magnetic fields. The time resolution is 120 ps.

Our group develops ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) measurement technology, such as high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs). The STM’s are mostly fabricated within a diploma or master thesis. New developments include UHV-AFM/STMs operating at 0.4K, high frequency STMs for time-resolved measurements down to 120ps with atomic resolution, UHV-STMs with multiple contacts, tips for scanning tunneling microscopy in direct contact with GaAs wafers, as well as transport setups for UHV. Similarly, we are developing a dry low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy system using pulse tube technology.