Instrumental Equipment


Our research group currently has eight ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopes (UHV-STMs), including a combined atomic force/scanning tunneling microscope, and a transport measuring station for measuring electrical conductivities at 280mK and 10T. Three STM systems operate at low temperatures between 380mK and 6K. Another 800mK low temperature STM system is under construction, as well as a dry STM system that uses a pulse tube cooler and is expected to reach 1K. A 4-tip romm teperature high frequency STM is in the testing phase. For more information on the systems, click on the boxes.

Low-Temperature AFM/STM System (380mK/14T)

Low-Temperature High Frequency STM System with Vector Magnet Field (6K/7T/200ps)

Low-Temperature JT-STM System (600mK/3T/300ps)

Dry High Frequency Low Temperature STM System (1.4K, 40GHz)

High Frequency 4-Tip STM System

Room Temperature STM with Plasma Source

Room Tempereature STM with Hydrogenation Chamber

High Frequency VT-STM System (90-400K/120ps)

System for Transport Measurements (280mK/10T)

Low-Temperature STM System (under construction/800mK)

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Short video overview of the possibilities and the operating principle of a scanning tunneling microscope.