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Our Research Fields

STM-Images of a topological insulator © Copyright: Marco Pratzer

Topological Insulators

Iron nano islands with magnetic vortex state © Copyright: Marco Pratzer

Nano magnetism

Atomically resolved Graphene surface with 2D electronic states © Copyright: Marco Pratzer


High frequency scanning tunneling microscope with HF tip holder © Copyright: Marco Pratzer

STM Development

Laterally resolved map of the Rashba parameter with electronic spins © Copyright: Marco Pratzer




Markus Morgenstern

Head of the Institute


+49 241 80 27076



As sample systems, our group primarily studies graphene, topological insulators, semiconductors, and magnetic nanostructures. Research results are related to the imaging of quantum Hall transitions in real space, the detection of topologically protected edge channels in weak topological insulators, and the mechanical manipulation of nm-sized membranes in graphene. Recent research demonstrates the collapse mechanisms of magnetic skyrmions and the pinning of magnetic vortex cores to single adsorbate atoms.
Furthermore, we are developing new investigation methods, such as time-resolved scanning tunneling microscopy with an accuracy of 100ps, scanning probes that can be used in electron microscopes, and integrated readout electronics for scanning probe methods at a distance of μm from the tip.


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