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  Tip with atomic surface and spins Copyright: © Markus Ternes   Pyramid with the fields of magnetism, electronics and mechanics Copyright: © Markus Ternes   Representation of various interactions of magnetic spins Copyright: © Markus Ternes  

Our research uses state-of-the-art scanning probe microscopes to explore the quantum world of nanoscale objects and phenomenons in solid-state physics (a).

One of our focus lies in establishing quantum control over the properties of individual atoms and molecules. For this goal we need a profound understanding of the interactions between the parts and the environment. Therefore, we study model systems of single and coupled atoms or molecules on atomically well-defined surfaces. Using these model systems, we are in particular interested in the complex interplay between mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties – quantities which are mutually dependent (b) and which we not only detect with our instruments, but also actively manipulate.

Especially systems with an intrinsic magnetic moment, the so-called spin, are of special interest to us. In these relatively simple quantum systems, properties such as magnetic anisotropy or the interaction between adjacent spin moments can be adjusted, enabling the change between single-particle and many-particle physics (c). Both, highly correlated novel phenomena and transitions between the classical and quantum mechanical description become visible, which we can directly observe and control in the experiment.