Low-Temperature JT-STM System (600mK/3T/300ps)

  UHV chambers of the JT-system Copyright: © Marco Pratzer 600mK STM system in the SILENT-Lab

The cryogenic STM system consists of three UHV chambers UHV. The system allows STM measurements at 600mK and 3T magnetic field (perpendicular to the sample surface). The system has a helium-3 Joule Thomson stage that allows continuous operation (650mK), as well as single-shot operation (600mK). Pre-cooling to 4.2K is accomplished with helium-4 (tank capacity 9.5 l). Special features of the microscope are the high frequency capability with a time resolution of 200ps, the X/Y shift system with capacitive position determination, as well as the possibility to perform 4-point transport measurements in the STM.

  UHV chambers of the JT-system Copyright: © Marco Pratzer

The large UHV chamber includes an MBE system, a LEED/Auger unit for the analysis of the chemical and crystalline structure of sample surfaces, and a sample heater. Another smaller preparation chamber is equipped with a sputtering gun and a high temperature heater (up to 2500K). A sample lock is also located here. The entire system is located in its own laboratory, which provides acoustic and electromagnetic shielding, as well as effective damping of building vibrations down to 1Hz (JARA-FIT SILENT Lab). This is achieved via a multi-stage active and passive damping system.