Offered Thesis


On this page you will find bachelor and master theses offered by the research groups of our institute. Doctoral or post-doc positions can be found under "Job Vacancies".

Bachelor Thesis - Group Morgenstern
Ultra high vacuum shadow mask aligner: Determination of the influence of stray capacitance on capacitive mask alignment and approximation. further information Contact:
Optimization of an analysis software for angular resolved photo emission spectroscopy measurements on two dimensional antiferromagnets Contact:
Developing and assembling of a Qplus sensor preparation stage for a combined scanning tunneling/scanning force microscope further information Contact:

Master Thesis - Group Morgenstern
Scanning tunnelling microscopy of defects and edge states in the magnetic topological insulator MnSb2Te4 further information Contact: . Gangwar

Exfoliation and characterization of two dimensional magnetic systems

further information Contact:
Device preparation
and transport measurements of
coupled quantum dots in InSb nanowires
further information Contact:

In-situ formed Josephson junctions in a mK 4-tipscanning tunnelling microscope

further information Contact: