Atomically resolved current channel © Copyright: Marco Pratzer

Group Morgenstern

Electron Systems at the Atomic Scale

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Hysteresis with crystal lattices © Copyright: Uwe Klemradt

Group Klemradt

X-Ray Scattering and Phase Transitions

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Potential landscape of two atomic spins © Copyright: Markus Ternes

Group Ternes

Structure and Dynamics of Atomic and Molecular Model Systems

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Press Release

Newspapers © Copyright: Marco Pratzer

Particularly interesting research results of the institute are published as press releases

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Collection of Publications

Various illustrations from a publication © Copyright: Institut2b

Publications of the entire institute published in the trade press. You can also find the publications again separated by working groups under the corresponding group.

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Graphene Flagship


The Graphene Flagship is the largest research initiative of the European Union with an announced budget of one billion euros.


Cluster of Excellence ML4Q

Quantum computing © Copyright: ML4Q

Matter and Light for Quantum Computing

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Potential landscape with magnetic spins © Copyright: JARA

Jülich Aachen Research Alliance - New Concepts in the Information Technology

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