2nd Institute of Physics B

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Welcome to the web page of the 2nd Institute of Physics B at RWTH Aachen University. The institute consists of the three scientific groups “Electron Systems at the Atomic Scale” by Prof. Dr. Markus Morgenstern ), “X-ray scattering and phase transitions” by Prof. Dr. Uwe Klemradt and “Structure and dynamics of atomic and molecular model systems” by Prof. Dr. Markus Ternes. Moreover, the institute is part of the "Jülich Aachen Research Alliance: Fundamentals of Future Information Technology", short JARA-FIT, and the cluster of excellence "Matter and Light for Quantum Computing", short ML4Q.

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Prof. Dr.
Markus Morgenstern (Head of the Institute)

Otto-Blumenthal-Straße 18 RWTH Navigator

52074 Aachen

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